Apple Bundt Cake

Recently I had some friends over for dinner and I needed a killer dessert.  I kept thinking about the apple cake recipe from Around My French Table which I have made in the past to rave reviews.  When I looked at the recipe again I was reminded that it calls for an 8-inch springform pan which would not be enough cake for 12 people.  I really did not want to make 2 separate batches and have to wash the pan and dishes in between.  So I thought to myself, what about using a bundt pan and doubling the recipe.  What the heck, right?  The worst I could do was screw it up and have to come up with another dessert at the last minute.  Happily it worked with a few minor adjustments.  This cake is super moist, dense, packed with apples and has a texture reminiscent of bread pudding.

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