German Red Cabbage

Red cabbage has always been one of my favorite German side dishes.  When dining at German restaurants I often decide what entree to order based solely on the fact that red cabbage is listed as one of the sides.  I love the sweet and sour flavor with a hint of warmth from the cloves and cinnamon.  My Oma also makes wonderful red cabbage.  She prefers to use duck or goose fat for sauteing the vegetables which is wonderfully decadent.  However, it is not a very practical ingredient to list as I don’t know many people who keep either on hand.  She also uses white sugar and caramelizes it in the hot fat before adding the onions and apples.  I use brown sugar which gives the same flavor and lets me skip a step.  Traditionally red currant jelly is stirred into the dish at the end of cooking to give the cabbage a nice glossy finish and add another layer of flavor.  You can substitute with plum, black currant or lingonberry jam or leave it out all together.  If you omit the jelly, you may need to slightly increase the amount of sugar.  Red cabbage is the perfect side dish to accompany a pork roast.

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